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Blackhawks are my loyal and ruthless soldiers. Remember this and remember it well. I am never alone. My circling hawks are always watching over me. Should you make a move on my life. It will be your very last.

Ghosts lurking about

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According to the omake post, do you think it's weird that Hyuuga can dream about Verloren or Ayanami in Verloren's black cloak even though he has never seen that before? Btw, I just thought the mangaka forgot them. Hyuu misses Aya in such a 'cute' way.

(( //rubs face// I have so many issues with the ending and Hyuuga just letting Ayanami go, seemingly, without a care. For me to go about how I feel about that would become a huge rant that I’ve done far too much on this blog. 

I think it’d be more accurate for him to dream with Aya in his uniform, to be quite honest. Because for Hyuuga it always seemed to be a reassurance that Aya was Aya and everything else was everything else. Until the ending happened at i was shown that there never was any difference between the two entities even though there clearly was for a  good part of the manga. //tugs at hair// 

All that aside… I think it’s adorable that Hyuuga will still have night terrors of Ayanami making him do odd things like popping bubble wrap for eternity or doing whatever he was doing in that picture. )) 

Extra story || 07-GHOST Volume 17
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Did you create the quote on your sidebar? It is rly rly awesome!

(( I did!! Everything there I just thought up on my own. It used to be longer but with my particular theme I had to shorten it… and now I don’t remember what it originally was. .__.;; 

Thank you for liking it!! : ) ))

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Hyuuga under the sakura tree. What do you think, Ayanami-sama?


"Hmm… I think I prefer Yukikaze under the pale pink blossoms of those trees." 


I want to taste you again, like a secret or a sin. 
Inspired by this.
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The final chapter tho was just like. Why. Someone should do a fanmade ending or something, idk. I'm trying to think of how it could have been better..


//Maybe have Frau and Teito on the same timeline instead of Teito reincarnating and Frau running the book of Hades? Maybe give them Castor’s and Lab’s ending because they’ve been through way too much shit to be screwed over like that.

The whole thing needs to be rewound quite a ways. Preferably before Teito was kidnapped by the Hawks. But if people like that then fine. But it still needs a huge reworking. But leaving things as is we should probably go back so far to where they offed Hyuuga. 

Katsuragi needed to get a way. The entire confrontation needs to end about there. Frau saves Teito. Ghosts and Hawks go back to their respective sides. Regroup on both fronts. 

Kontasu was challenged to kill Ladakrat. He should do that. He should be killed. Because Konatsu pls. The challenge doesn’t make sense if he never gets to try and avenge Hyuuga. 

Now Aya is down 2 Hawks due to one ghost. Hyuuga’s whole sacrifice was to give Ayanami a chance to beat Ladakrat. That fight should have happened. Ayanami should have devoured Landakrat. That provides a problem for Teito as he can’t get one of the tickets now. And Aya has so many ghosts. ( Blah blah blah Aya can’t eat anymore ghosts. That was added during the arc of Teito being captured. Ignore because srsly. Again that whole arc needs reworking) 

Stuff can happen from there. There are a lot of potential enemies. Miroku (for one) he wants Aya dead. Aya wants him dead. (maybe. Killing Oak made no sense which is why  AGAIN Teito getting nabbed needs to be reworked but assume for whatever reason that it happened still)

Shady people in Barsburg aside there is still the Chief of Heaven factor. Who should be final boss cause hell yeah.
Assuming Eve’s story never happened, cause it was terrible, she could also still very much be alive and just hard up trolling. Which would have been better than her just being everywhere. Eve as final boss is actually one of my favorite theories cause UGH it would have been awesome. 

Once you slow down that whole final arc and stop them so the respective sides regroup you have ample opportunities to have much different endings. None of which suck. Stories clearly didn’t make sense or add up in the final chapters and yeah. There were still a lot of loose ends and what weren’t tied up or were tied up badly and need to be forgotten about.  

Even though time passes, there are things that never change.

Everything that you have loved, is my justice.
—Hyuuga (to Ayanami), 07-Ghost